January 2017

Florida Gulf Coast Cluster I - Read More

1/17/2016 - Barbeque

For Cluster information call 813-415-1111.

Florida Gulf Coast Cluster II - Read More

Tampa Bay Terrier Club
Monday January5th – Tuesday January 6th
Florida Combined Specialty – Tuesday January 6th

For Cluster information call 813-415-1111.

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Info Dog

Responsible Dog Ownership Day
AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day will be held at the Dog Training Club of St. Petersburg, September 10, 2016, which the Clearwater Kennel Club will be a participant.

RDOD is a community event promoting responsible dog ownership to be held every September in the greater Tampa Bay area.

  • President: Dan Stolz
  • 1st Vice President: Karen Toth
  • 2nd Vice President: Paul Newton
  • Recording Secretary: Judy McDougall
  • Corresponding Secretary: Ted Toth
  • Treasurer: Mary Stolz
  • 3 Year Board Member: Phillip Riek
  • 2 Year Board Member: Carol Blancato
  • 1 Year Board Member: Gail Garrison