Community Service

The Clearwater Kennel Club is about more then just holding dog shows. It's active and hardworking members are involved in all sorts of canine related activities, such as giving back to the community. We donate to the Clearwater Police Department K-9 Unit, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Unit, Fire and Rescue Department and Arson Squad K-9 Units. We also donate to local rescue organizations like the Suncoast Animal League in Palm Harbor and are proud sponsors of the Southeastern Guide Dogs service animals located in Palmetto.

As you can see, the Clearwater Kennel Club is a multifaceted organization. If you not only love your own dog, but also your breed and dogs in general and want to network with a dedicated group of people that share the same interests, the Clearwater Kennel Club may just be something that will interest you or a family member. Please contact us today so you can be a part of this organization that enjoys our community and giving back to what makes it great!

Clearwater K9 officers presenting president of the Clearwater Kennel Club with an award.

  • 2021 Officers
  • President: Mary Stolz
  • Vice President: Carol Blancato
  • Secretary: Judy McDougall
  • Treasurer: Daniel Stolz
  • 3 Year Board Member: Shiri Fischer
  • 2 Year Board Member: Paul Newton
  • 1 Year Board Member: Ron Ronald