The Clearwater Kennel Club was established as an American Kennel Club licensed institution in 1941. It was a small club whose main role was to play a part in the Winter Florida Circuit of dog shows.

In those days, most Florida clubs had one show a year, in the winter. Their show was set up so that exhibitors could escape the winter snows, starting in Jacksonville, through Orlando to Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa, down to Sarasota and finish in Miami .

Most shows had under 500 dogs entered. In the 1950's the Clearwater show was held in the long since torn down Municipal Building.

Today, the Clearwater Kennel Club owns property with three other kennel clubs in Brooksville, FL. and holds two shows there in January, with entries around 3000 dogs per day.

However, the Clearwater Kennel Club is about more than just holding dog shows. It's active and hardworking membership are involved in all sorts of canine activities.

  • 2018 Officers
  • President: Mary Stolz
  • Vice President: Paul Newton
  • 2nd Vice President: Ron Ronald
  • Recording Secretary: Judy McDougall
  • Corresponding Secretary: Judy McDougall
  • Treasurer: Daniel Stolz
  • 3 Year Board Member: Shirl Fischer
  • 2 Year Board Member: Gail Garrison
  • 1 Year Board Member: Carol Blancato